We welcome you at Diversified Property Management! All persons are free at any time to apply for residency.
However, in order to reside in our community we require that each applicant and/or co-signer meet our rental criteria.  
Before you fill out our Rental Application, you must review, sign and date the following criteria. Note that the term
“Applicant” provided below applies to all residents to be identified on the Apartments Lease Agreement and/or co-
signers. Nothing contained in these criteria shall constitute a guarantee or representation by Diversified Property
Management prior to these criteria going into effect. Our ability to verify whether these criteria have been met is
limited to the information we receive from the resident credit reporting service used. If all applicants do not meet all
criteria, an applicant will not be approved. All applicants are subject to approval by Diversified Property Management
based on the following criteria.

1.        Applicant(s) must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years old and have a photo ID.
2.        Occupancy Guidelines:
a.        Studio Apartment: Maximum # of occupants is 2
b.        All Others: Maximum # of occupants is 2 per bedroom.
3.        Deposits and Application Fee’s: An application must be completed when placing a deposit on an apartment. A
pre-lease deposit equal to one months rent is required with the application to hold the apartment throughout the
approval process. Additionally, a $37.00 non-refundable application fee may be required for processing. The deposit
and application must be paid with two separate payments through cashiers check, money order, or cash.  Our office
does not provide change. If an application is not approved within 24 hours the $300.00 deposit will  not be refunded to
the applicant. Diversified Property Management will not refund the pre-lease deposit if an approved application is
canceled. Upon approval the one months rent pre-lease deposit will convert to applicant’s first months rent. At move
out the deposit check will include all leaseholders’ names. Please choose one of the following options of return:
Destroy or Mail Payment. Mailing Address: ________________________________________.
4.        Lease Signings: All leaseholders must be physically present for lease signing. Lease signing appointments are
scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00a.m. and 4:00p.m. NO personal items will be permitted
inside unit prior to signing the lease agreement.
5.        Employment History: Verifiable gross income of at least two and one half times of the market rental amount in
required.  Self-employed applicants must provide a financial statement from a CPA or previous year’s tax statement.
Current students and recent graduates must provide proof of enrollment or graduation plus a student identification
card. International students are required to produce a current I-20 and/or IAP-66 form from the school being attended.
Applicant’s that do not meet the income requirements may have a co-signer apply on their behalf.
6.        Residential History: Applicants must have a positive housing history. First time renters may have a co-signer
providing all other rental criteria is met they may also have to pay a last month’s rent. An application may not be
approved if there is an outstanding balance due to an apartment community or mortgage company. Should an
applicant have a balance owed or failed to fulfill a lease agreement with another apartment community, the applicant
will need to provide a written statement from the rental, management, or mortgage company stating that the balance
has been paid. The name and last known telephone number of each landlord/ property manager/ mortgage contract
for deed payee for each address you have had for the last 3 years is required. Refusal of a landlord to give a
reference, or a negative reference, may be grounds for denial of an application. Unlawful Detainer(s) or eviction(s)
filed in the last three years will be reason for immediate denial of an application. An unlawful Detainer or eviction prior
to the last three years may additionally be reason for denial of an application.
7.        Credit and Criminal Background Check:
A). Applicants will need a credit risk score of 575 points or more.
B). Any collection or judgment must have a zero balance or written payment                                                         
C). In case of bankruptcy and/or home foreclosure, all adverse credit ratings must be                                         
included in the aforementioned proceedings.
D). A criminal background check will be conducted and must be able to be completed on each applicant.
The                         inability to obtain a complete criminal background check, any felony or gross misdemeanor charge
(s) and/or                         conviction(s) will be grounds for the immediate denial of an application. Criminal
backgrounds involving violent                         crimes,         prostitution, possession of weapons, and possession of
illegal substances will be grounds for the                         immediate denial of an application.

Diversified Property Management is fully committed to equal housing opportunity. We do not discriminate against
anyone on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, disability, familial status, national origin, affection
preference, marital status, or receipt of public assistance.

Applicant Signature:_______________________________________ Date:__________________